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Vimana Yatri Saral Yoga

In the advent of celebrating the International Day of Yoga, we have specially devised a Yoga module nomenclated as “Vimana Yatri Saral Yoga”. It is a 10 minutes yoga module which comprises of following practices:

1. Simple loosening practices of major joints of the body
2. Yogic Stretches in sitting postures
3. Instant relaxation technique
4. Bhramari Pranayama
5. Nadi Shidhhi Pranayama

It's a combination of yoga practices at physical and mental level and it addresses the discomfort and stress an individual has to undergo before and during travel by airplanes. The consequences of frequent travel, as researchers say, can be on the physiological; psychological and emotional state of an individual.

Physiological problems

• Arise due to changes in Circadian rhythm,
• Fatigue and gastrointestinal complaints,
• Reduced immunity,
• Increased risk of stroke or heart attack

Psychological and emotional impact

• Stress can set in while preparing and making arrangements at home and work before trips.
• Relationships with family, friends and community can also be damaged by excessive travel
• Creates an imbalance in domestic duties and child care.

Report on IDY 2018 based on data collected in IGAI and KIAL

'Viman Yatri Saral Yoga' module was introduced to travelers at the” Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi” and “Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru” on 21st June, 2017. The response received was very encouraging and therefore we introduced questionnaire based data collection before and after the practice to evaluate the same this year.

A simple questionnaire was designed and it included questions which collected the information on changes experienced before and after the practice.

Brief results of data collected

Amongst the Air travelers who participated in the Yoga session, 148 of them participated in the evaluation and filled a pre- post questionnaire rating their degree of relaxation, neck stiffness and heaviness in the head before and after the practice of Yoga module. There were questions which also checked if the participant's were regular Yoga practitioners or not.

Brief results of data collected

Relaxation in the Participants after Yoga Session

Neck Stiffness Relaxation in the Participants after Yoga Session

Head Heaviness Relaxation in the Participants after Yoga Session

Benefits of Viman Yatri Saral Yoga

Travelers at the airport can practice the technique to get rid of the fatigue, musculoskeletal pains and mental agitations by merely practicing for few minutes and incorporating it as an important part of their travel regime.