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Treatment Principles (Cikitsa) as per Ayurveda

Treatment Principles (Cikitsa) as per Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatises explain different line of treatments beginning with nidana-parivarjana (abstinence from etiological factors). The objective is to reduce the frequency of attacks and to improve quality of life. By adapting dinacharya (daily regimen) and rutucharya (seasonal regimen) the frequency of health problems can be reduced.

For example Pitta individuals have strong agni (digestive power) and the dietary causes like overeating of spicy food aggravate pitta, leading to formation of ama and further can trigger a problem like headache. Therefore, they are advised to avoid Pitta aggravating food. Lifestyle based causes (viharaja nidana) such as, weather related causes, exposure to sunlight, excessive wind, inadequate sleep and excessive exercise should be avoided as they increase pitta and therefore increase the tendency of shoola (pain).

A comprehensive recommendation of diet (Pathya-Apathya) in the management of diseases is provided in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda also explains about stress, as manasika nidana (mind related etiological factor) which requires satvavajaya chikitsa (psychological therapy) for its management. A detailed counselling restores adaptability and is essential to alleviate psychological problems.

Another unique concept in the management is Sadvritta (personal conduct). It brings in good health and control over senses and desires, therefore influencing the control and treatment of any disease.

Though diet, lifestyle and code of conduct have been mentioned in the prevention and management of health problems, Ayurveda provides a line of treatment which involves shodhana (purificatory teachniques) and shamana (pacificatory therapy). Snehana (internal and external oleation), vamana (therapeutic vomiting), virechana (therapeutic purgation), basti (enema) and nasya (nasal errhines) are antahparimarjana chikitsa (internal cleansing therapies). Lepa (medicated paste application), upanaha (poultice), swedana (fomentation) and shirobasti (oil retention on the head) are mentioned as bahirparimarjana chikitsa (external cleansing therapies) and siravyadha and agnikarma are some of the shastra pranidhana (surgical therapies) therapies.