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Healing Through Naturopathy

Healing Through Naturopathy

Nature and Body have so much in common. That’s why we should use the healing power of nature to soothe the body. Naturopathy is one such system of medicine that uses naturally available healing power of nature to treat or allow body to heal itself. It is holistic drugless system of healing. The goal is to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.

This system of healing revolves around the 5 elements which are believed to be components of body.

5 elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

  1. Earth:
    Earth element forms solid structure of the body like Flesh, Skin tissue and hair. Mud represents earth element. Mud is applied either partially or completely over the body to get desired therapeutic effect. Mud is one of the five elements of nature having immense impact on the body both in health and sickness. Mud procured depending on the place has different properties out of which

    • Absorbing
    • Antimicrobial
    • Stimulating
    • Relaxing is few of them

    Mud Application depending on the condition applied directly or in the form of packs it helps in detoxifying hence effective in preventing various condition. Also helps to improve blood circulation.

  2. Water:
    Water forms saliva, sweat, Blood and urine. Treating through water is called as hydrotherapy. Water is used in different ways for therapeutic and health promotion. Simple pack called wet pack around your abdomen, Consuming good amount of water and plain water enema help to cleanse our body and promotes positive health.
  3. Fire:
    Fire forms hunger thirst and sleep. Exposing to sun or in other words called as heliotherapy represents fire element. What we all know is exposure to sun helps in producing vitamin Other than vitamin D sun exposure helps in preventing several mental issues like depression anxiety etc. also nourishes our bones and joints.
  4. Air:
    Air is responsible for movement and air element is most basic connection of life We can only survive if we breathe. Breathing exercises such as pranayama helps to increase our lung capacity and prevents several health conditions.
  5. Ether:
    Ether is space and we get ether element through fasting. Fasting represents ether element. Fasting is the at most medicine available as our ancient texts say. It mainly helps to completely detoxify our body at cellular level. Simply giving a longer gap between your dinner and breakfast or fasting based on religious beliefs such as on Ekdashi benefit.