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Anatomy and physiology knowledge -needed for a yoga teacher

Anatomy and physiology knowledge – needed for a yoga teacher


Yoga instructor’s course is a 300 hour course after which you will be a certified yoga instructor. The present form of yoga instructor course has evolved over a few decades as a comprehensive training module on yoga. So, this course introduces yoga as a science of holistic living consisting of following things.

Syllabus Includes Theory and practical.

Theory includes Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and physiology and life and messages of swami Vivekananda.

Anatomy and physiology :

Which deals with structure and function of different system of the body like Cardiovascular System, musculoskeletal, urinary, digestive and nervous system.

The basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology helps in to understand the physiological effect of one asana better.

It Helps to understand the impact of yoga on different parts of the body and different systems. Ex: Bhujangasana helps to strengthen low back

With proper knowledge of anatomy and physiology will be able to understand which muscle is contracting and how it helps to strengthen our back. Ex: Breathing exercises help in increasing lung capacity. Knowing the function of lungs participants will be able to understand better.

Knowing our body and how it functions becomes crucial to understand the benefits and contra indication of a practice. This also sets a base to take up Yoga therapy Instructor’s courses.