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migraine headache treatment

Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by throbbing / pulsing / beating type of pain on one side of the head. Migraine headache are usually triggered by various factors like stress, environmental factors, certain foods and hormonal changes.

Patient at VHG:

A female patient aged 38 years came with the known complaint of migraine for the past 15 years. She had severe headache at one side which is not associated with nausea and vomiting. She was very sensitive to sunlight and to loud voice. Headache use to get triggered by travelling and menstruation. Headache was to be there for two –three days and frequency of headache was more than 4 times a month. She was on pain killer and started Ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic treatment and yoga.

Treatment at VHG:

Patient underwent a Panchakarma treatment called nasya and virechana. Nasya which is a nasal administration of medicine to the nostrils for 7 days. Internal cleansing therapy virechana procedure includes snehapana (intake of medicated ghee) for 5 days, sarvanga abhyanga (full body massage) with steam for 3 days and purgation therapy virechana was the 9th day of treatment.

After Ayurvedic treatment she has taken yoga therapy for 5 days and learnt yoga practices including breathing exercises, asanas and pranayama started doing it regularly.

Pre & Post Assessments:

Migraine disability assessment test(MIDAS) – It helps to measure the impact of headaches in life and also helpful to doctors to determine the level of pain and disability caused by headaches

There are 5 questions which enquires about the productivity at home/school/work place for the past 3 months.

The MIDAS scores are as followed

0-5 indicates the little or no disability

6-10 indicates mild disability

11-20 indicates moderate disability

21 + indicates severe disability

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Day-1 Day-30 Day-60
MIDAS Score 17 6 4

Follow up after ayurvedic treatment was done and the patient was very happy with the good response to the treatment. She was confident enough to manage with yoga practice without any stress or anxiety.


Combination of Ayurvedic medicines, ayurvedic treatments and yoga therapy helped a patient to recover from moderate disability (MIDAS Test) to little disability caused by migraine headaches.