Meditation - Mind Sound resonance For Optimal Health


The use of Resonance frequencies through sound forms in wellness and healing is increasing significantly considering its beneficial effects and long-lasting impact. Yoga uses various syllables and mantras to produce resonance frequencies and repeated chanting of such mantras has definitive health benefits. A specialized technique called Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT) uses various dimensions of sounds derived from the primordial sound 'OM' and makes an individual remain mindful through the resonance experienced physically and mentally. These can be customized based on an individual's personality type (Guna) and health problem to promote optimal health and augmented healing. During this session, you will learn and practice this wonderful technique along with an understanding of the basic theory behind the practice including the interplay between the Mind-Sound and Resonance.


Dr. Manjunath N.K.,
Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Director of Research,
S-VYASA University,
call: +91-080-22639983


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About Author


Dr. Manjunath Nandi Krishnamurthy is the Director of Research and International Affairs at S-VYASA University. He has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences from Mangalore University and a Ph.D. in Yoga & Geriatric Medicine, and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from S-VYASA University.

He has 25 years of research experience and has published 76 research papers in journals indexed in international bibliographical data bases. His research interests include Psycho-physiology of Yoga, Neural correlates of meditation, Aging and rehabilitation. He believes in integrative medicine as the future of healthcare and conducting several studies combining the best of AYUSH systems with conventional medicine. He has guided several students of Ph.D., M.D., and M.Sc.

Dr. Manjunath has delivered lectures on evidence based Yoga therapy and conducted workshops at prestigious institutions and Universities across the world including Harvard Medical School, USA, Monash University, Australia, Royal College of Medicine, London, Shanghai University of Sports, China, Pharma University, Italy etc.

He is the Editor of International Journal of Yoga (IJOY) and reviewer of various international journals. He serves as a member of Scientific Advisory Committee, Department of Science and Technology (SATYAM program), Research committee, Integrative Medicine, NITI Aayog, Working committee, Program accreditation, NAAC, Govt of India.

He is also the Vice President of Vivekananda Yoga University, California, USA, Director, Boston Center of Excellence, Boston, USA, Vice-President of Asian Yoga Therapy Association, Singapore.


Registration for a Free session on Jan 8,2022 :  



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