Biomechanics of Yoga


Key Takeaways :

1. Comprehensive learning opportunity in the field of biomechanics

2. Basic understanding of the application of biomechanics in asanas

3. Prepares you for detailed exploration of structural alignment during asana practice

4. Learning Material


Schedule :

10th August 2021 || 5pm to 6:30pm (IST)

11th August 2021 || 5pm to 6.30pm (IST)

12th August 2021 || 5pm to 6.30pm (IST)


Recommended for :

1) Medical professionals

2) Yoga instructors (with basic anatomy & physiology knowledge)

3) Medical interns and Medical students (3 rd and 4 th years)

4) Yoga therapists

5) Para medical staff and other health care professionals


Content includes :

1) Basic understanding and introduction to Biomechanics: 30minutes

2) Principles and concepts of Biomechanics: 30 minutes

3) Practical application of biomechanics in various clinical and practice setup: 60 minutes (1hr)

4) Amalgamation of yoga and biomechanics: a novel conceptual approach


Faculty :

Dr. Koustubha Sharma, Research fellow, Dept of Psychophysiology, Anvesana Research Laboratories.


Guest Faculty :

Dr. Manjunath NK, Director, Anvesana research laboratories, SVYASA University, Bengaluru.

Each day’s session will be conducted by Dr. Kousthubha Sharma and the highlight includes expert talk by Dr Manjunath N K, Director of research and international affairs at S-VYASA University in Bengaluru and has over 25+ years of research experience. He is also an PHD in yoga and geriatric medicine and has published more than 60 papers in indexed medical journals. He is a naturopathy physician and promoter of lifestyle medicine.