Vivekananda Yoga Program™, developed by S-VYASA is being optimised for the health promotion of the society through the Vivekananda health Global centres across the world.

VY Programs, are a series of classical, scientifically researched practices designed based on clinical experiments and scientific evaluation for various beneficial applications, from the promotion of positive health to disease management diseases.

These practices are customized for an individual’s needs. All are based upon the original form of classical yoga, which combines postures, breathing, meditation, and knowledge in a holistic approach to health.

The effectiveness of all of VY programs has earch in the major areas of physiological effects of Yoga, therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga for rehabilitation, Yoga for perception and performance and higher states of consciousness

The success comes from years of in-house research at Anvesana Research Laboratories at SVYASA and also through collaborative research with many credible universities and research centers around the world over the past three decades.

Behind Vivekananda Yoga Program™ is its wide-scope and depth of learning; thus it is suitable for practice by ALL! Now it is time for VHC to share these scientifically proven yoga practices with everyone for better health.

The practice of Vivekananda Yoga Program™ can be segmented into 4 Main categories:

VY + ►►(Vivekananda Yoga for Positive Health)

VY C ►►(Vivekananda Yoga for Corporates)

VY T ►►(Vivekananda Yoga Therapy)

VY A ►►(Vivekananda Yoga Advance)

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