Yoga for Women Health

Yoga for Women Health

Yoga for Women Health

Yoga for

Women Health

Yoga is a spiritual science of self realisation . The goal of yoga is to calm the mind , ensure better coordination of mind and body so that we live a healthy life and experience spiritual growth.

Today’s woman does much more than her role of a homemaker, a mother or a daughter . She has adapted beyond four walls into that outer world and therefore needs to maintain both physical and mental health for balance and harmony  .

Practising right form of YOGA regularly can prove very beneficial for women. Yoga can provide various benefits to women like improving health of reproductive system, reduce stress and improve efficiency needed to multi task. Yoga can help women at different stages of life.

In adolescence, it can shape the entire lifetime of young girls as they tend to undergo major changes in body and mind . This period of sudden changes is an ideal time to begin the practices of yoga which will help to develop healthy and regular menstrual cycle and balances psychological changes.

Middle age for women, comes with its own self of complexities. The benefits of yoga during this time are substantial, especially during menopause. It helps balance hormones, keep weight under control and avoid complications like hypothyroidism.

Post menopause, the benefits are plenty as it helps in the process of healthy aging.

Yoga emphasises on breathing and meditation and hey can help calm your mind and mediate your body’s typical response to stress, lowering your blood pressure and decreasing overall stress hormones. Simply decreasing overall stress can have a huge impact on your quality of life . It is also helpful in preventing and managing a diseases such as heart disease, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome.

Healthy Pregnancy Yoga and Fitness. Young pregnant yoga woman working out in class interior. Pregnant model sitting in prenatal easy pose, meditating indoors. Torso close-up

Daily yoga routine can be modified and adapted to suit a women’s changing needs in each phase of life , helping her achieve peace mind body poise.


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