World health Day

World health Day

Health is paramount to achieve our goals in life. It is possible to handle and tackle every task when the person has good health.

The science of Ayurveda exists from thousands of years and is based on the principle of ‘Swastasya swastya rakshanam aturasya vikara prashamanam’ which means maintaining the health of a healthy and to cure the disease of a sick.

Understanding the wholesome and unwholesome requirements of the body is very essential for health living.

Right or wrong diet therefore is vital and Ayurveda principles of rasa (taste), guna (quality), veerya (potency), vipaka (final transformation) and prabhava (specific potency) of a dravya (herb or food item) provide different understanding to this aspect. To bring in better awareness to the use of herbs in day to day life, inculcating their use in a simplest form becomes essential.


Herbs like Ardraka (Fresh Ginger), Twak (Cinnamon), Dhanyaka (Coriander seeds), Shatapushpa (Dill seeds) have wide range of disease prevention and curative activities.

Ardraka (Fresh Ginger)

Ardraka (Fresh Ginger)

Twak (Cinnamon)

Dhanyaka (Coriander seeds)

Shatapushpa (Dill seeds)

These are some of the herbs which find their presence from ancient times. Use of them at home can have beneficial preventive effects.

Ardraka balances Kapha and acts as digestive stimulant, helps assimilation and clears microcirculatory channels.

Twak balances Vata and Kapha, helps in clearing respiratory passages, promotes circulation and healthy joints.

Dhanyaka balances Pitta, is a carminative and diuretic.

Shatapushpa, the mouth freshener balances Vata and Kapha. It is a taste enhancer and prevents abdominal colic.

Incorporate them in day to day life and look forward for some Herbal concoctions soon……..

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