Skin Care

Skin Care


According to Ayurveda healthy skin is a result of overall health condition of individuals and numerous skin care treatments are advised to be pursued at every stage of life..

FIND Your Skin Type ?

The first step towards taking care of the skin would be to find out your skin type. As per Ayurveda, the skin is divided into 3 types.

  • Vataja: – The Vataja skin type is dry in general, and it will be thin and cool to touch. It will be vulnerable to the changes in the weather and gets dehydrated very soon. Vata skin also succumbs to early ageing as it gets dry, flaky and rough very easily.
  • Pittaja: – Pitta skin type people generally have light, soft as well as sensitive skin. It is soft with medium thickness. It is susceptible to moles and freckles. If not taken care, pitta skin can get breakouts, rashes and sunspots.
  • Kaphaja: – Kapha skin type is oily, soft, cool and thick. It will be comparatively more sun tolerant. It ages slowly and forms less wrinkles as compared to other skin types. This skin type will have issues like blackheads, dull complexion, pimples and eczema.

Ayurveda ensures that the skin care therapies are effective through a combination of oral medicines and external therapies. This is achieved by balancing the doshas which further nurtures the skin by detoxifying the system.

Ayurvedic Skin care for your skin type:

Vata skin type: – Vata skin type needs to use essential oils in order to nurture their skin that allows it to rehydrate the skin. It will prevent the premature ageing and wrinkles.

Pitta skin type: – This kind of skin requires nurturing and cooling. The skin should be  protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Kapha skin type: – This skin type requires exfoliation and scrubbing in order to remove the toxins regularly from the skin.


In Ayurveda we have external and Internal detoxification treatment to cure skin ailments.

External detoxification is done by lepa chikitsa/ hebal application, also called as Alepa, Lipta, Lepa And Lepana, Lepa is classified as Pralepa, Pradeha and Alepa.

Regarding thickness of application Ayurveda gives 3 different thicknesses based on condition of the disease.


  • Dosaghna lepa/ one which removes impurities
  • Vishaghna lepa / one which removes toxins
  • Varnya lepa/ which imparts natural color


  • 0.50cm/Half centimeter
  • 0.65cm
  • 1cm

This ancient knowledge has been adapted into designing the skin care packages of Mukha soundarya. It offers lustrous skin for individuals who look forward for a seasonal or a ritualistic skin care. It  also helps in the management of Acne, Hyperpigmentation, freckles etc.

“Stay Positive, Stay healthy”

‘Complementing Tradition with Science’

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