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Our signature programs are designed to drain body toxins using age-old techniques that re-establish biochemical balances and minimize stress levels. The day care based treatment program’s or the residential programs aim at revitalizing an individual by advocating an integration of Ayurveda or Naturopathy based bio purificatory techniques, external therapies, Yoga therapy(based on any disorder), Acupuncture along with interspersing diet counselling , lifestyle regimen and general psychological counselling.

Day care Programs
Swaathya Samraksha - Prevent Stress

The ‘Raksha Kavach’ annual health program of VHG is a yearlong health plan which preserves your health, the holistic way. The plans include Ayurveda therapies, Yoga and Aromatic oil therapies under a Doctor’s supervision. Stress profiling is carried out twice as a part of all Stress mukti programs to assess and monitor Stress and advice thereof.

Stress management workshop

Two day’s workshop incorporates Yoga techniques designed for stress relief by SVYASA. It will be the highlight of this workshop and would also include Ayurveda stress relief therapy. This is a recommended program for the corporates

Soundarya Vardhak- Enhance Beauty


Application of  Ayurvedic or Aromatic oils followed by Ayurvedic or Aromatic herbal pack on the face for a specific duration to enhance the glow, reduce wrinkles, manage acne, freckles, and dark circles. This is administered for a duration of 60 minutes for a period of 3to 7 days based on the requirement. It works wonders when taken regularly once every month. The medicaments are chosen by the doctor and the response is monitored closely.

The programs include Mukhalepam, Mukhalepam with Navara and Aroma based facial.


For thick, strong and glowing hair, roots must be firm and scalp healthy. Moisturizing and massaging the scalp with Ayurveda oils, extract of herbs is followed by hair pack. Specific oils and herbs prescribed by an Ayurveda physician for hair loss, premature graying of hair and dandruff are used for the treatment. The duration could vary between 5-7 days


Includes eye wash with herbal decoctions, netra tarpana (rejuvenating Ayurveda eye therapy) and special yoga practices (eye exercises, trataka) for complete eye care. This helps in reducing eye strain, cleanses eyes, gives a cooling effect and strengthens optic nerve. It is a recommended procedure for long term use of computers. The duration is between 5-7 days.


This special program uses the Ayurveda wisdom to heal the health problems in children and maintains their health. Various tonics (such as Brahmi, Shankhapushpi etc) are prescribed to enhance child’s immunity, intelligence and are useful in improving skills. The prescription helps in building up a child’s strength to fight against diseases and provides supplementary nutrition. The child is seen by an experienced doctor and the supervision continues for any child between 6 months to 13 years of age. Yoga is conducted on all weekends, during vacation for 7 to 10 days and children between 8-13years will be motivated to attend the sessions.

Yoga Program for children during Vacation

Children can be molded and made a best fit for a society’s development as they grow. The concepts of Yoga are adapted here to make the best use of the child’s vacation. During their 7 days stint at VHG center they will be guided with chanting’s, Asana, pranayama and special techniques for improvement of attention, concentration and eye health. They will be educated on right lifestyle and diet as per principles of Ayurveda and naturopathy. These sessions are made very interesting for the child’s physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual growth.


This program is specially designed for antenatal care and post-natal care

Counseling and detailed consultation with our experts before conception.

  • Panchakarma for a couple for healthy conception.
  • Ante natal care through diet plan and safe Ayurveda medicines for healthy fetal growth and maintenance of mother’s health.

Yoga for Pregnancy:Discover the physical and mental benefits through ante natal yoga which is guided by a Doctor .

Post-natal care: Post-natal Ayurveda treatments will help to re-adjust and return to normal state .It will re-establish the integrity of the pelvic area and facilitate healing. Special Udarabandhana technique will also help to tone the abdominal muscles and skin and reduce abdominal girth. Ayurveda medicines and specific yoga therapy will be recommended to re-gain complete health.

The Residential programs
  • Kaya Shuddhi ( Bio purification/ De-Tox): 10 days Program link
  • Rasayana (Rejuvenate yourself): 7 Days Program link
  • Kaya Kalpa (Re-shape yourself): 15 Days Program- link to obesity clinic
  • Aarogya (Holistic healing): 10 Days Program for management of Stress and lifestyle disorders  link
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