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This membership is only available to those yoga instructors have graduated from our yoga instructor, yoga therapy and /or short-term individual program courses conducted by S-VYASA or Vivekananda Yoga Global™.

Only by being our instructor member can you be known as Vivekananda Yoga Instructor and teach Vivekananda Yoga Program. We consider this requirement very important, as the high standards for delivering each class can only be upheld through our system of continuous engagement, education, consultation, and supply of formal teaching materials. This ensures that our instructors conduct their classes systematically and have a ready supply of marketing information to educate the participants.

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With token monthly membership fee for Basic Membership, our instructor members can enjoy the following support from us:
  • Identity – trademarks including organization logo and program logos, and name card design
  • Marketing –marketing materials (softcopy), instructors listing on our global website for public search
  • Administration – basic coordination and course materials
  • Professional – ongoing consultation with our panel of experts
  • Academic – ongoing education programs (free or discounted)
  • Other Perks – discounts for future courses, events, books & other products, and revenue from sales of authorized products

Our instructors can also opt for the Premium Membership, which includes the following benefits on top of those included with the Basis Membership:
  • Personal Profile Page
  • Class Schedule / Timetable
  • Online Program Facilitation Guide
Instructor membership also varies across regions and according to the number of programs which you are certified to teach.
As a VY Instructor, you are able to conduct classes of your own accord at these places:
  • All VYG’s Franchise Branches
  • Corporate lessons at company premises, outdoors, etc.
  • Community clubs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public facilities – parks, sports centers, etc.
  • Educational institutions
  • Residential facilities
  • Functions and events
  • Airports, cruise ships
  • Retreats
  • Others – Please refer to the detailed list provided in our Instructor Membership brochure

Please complete the contact details below or drop us an email at We will be pleased to share with you more information on the membership terms and privileges.



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