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Vivekananda Yoga Program™ is ideal for you if you are looking to learn, teach and experience the most original and purest form of yoga, and to expand your scope of services as a yoga instructor.

As a VY Instructor Member, you will be partnering with the LEADING Yoga Education, Research and Therapy Institution in the world for a SUSTAINABLE yoga-teaching career.

We pride ourselves on offering a COMPREHENSIVE RANGE of yoga programs that effectively cater to the needs of everyone. Be it yoga for positive health, special yoga programs for specific groups of people, or yoga therapy for treating and managing various common ailments and NCDs, you will be in GREAT DEMAND!

Career Path

At Vivekananda Yoga Global™, there are four main groups of yoga courses:
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1. To be a VY[+]™ Instructor

You shall attend our regular Yoga Instructor Course (YIC). Being a VY[+]™ Instructor, you can teach programs that include VY[+] Active™ VY[+] Cardio™, VY[+] Hatha™, and VY[+] Dynamic™.

If you are already a Yoga Instructor and possess certification from either another yoga institution or S-VYASA, you may wish to consider expanding your offerings to your existing and future students by signing up for our Individual Short-Term VY[+]™ Certification Courses:

  • VY[+] Students™
  • VY[+] urban Dwellers™

2. To be a VY[T]™ Instructor

You shall attend our Yoga Therapy Course (YTC). As a VY[T]™ Instructor or VY Therapist, besides teaching VY[+]™ Program, you can also market your service to people having common ailments and even to those who are coping with more severe illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and others.

Find out more about the VY[T]™ Programs here.

For VY Therapists, you can source for prospects in, and not limited to, these areas:

  • Offering your service to VYG’s franchisees, clinics, hospitals and public organisations
  • Recruiting your own students / participants
  • Owning your franchise branch
  • Many others

VYG also offers Short-term Therapy Courses. If you are already a certified yoga instructor or therapist, and you wish to expand your knowledge, skills and job scope, you may consider signing up for these courses:

  • VY[T] SDM™ (Stop Diabetes Movement)
  • VY[T] CaCOP™ (Cancer Control Program)
  • VY[T] ObCOP™ (Obesity Control Program)
  • VY[T] DeCOP™ (Depression Control Program)

3. To be a VY[C]™ Instructor

VY[C]™ stands for Vivekananda Yoga for Corporations. As stress and tension are commonly experienced in a workplace, VY[C]™ is specially designed to provide corporate executives with the tool to lower their stress level and to become healthier and happier selves. To the corporations, it means achieving a productive workforce.
The Program consists of:

  • SMET-CM™
  • SMET™
  • SMET-Advance™
  • SMET-Avartan™
Despite the program categorization, VY[C]™ is suitable for everyone!If you are already a certified yoga instructor, you can sign up for our VY[C]™ Program.

4. To be a VY[A]™ Instructor

There are a total of 7 Advance techniques under the VY[A]™ Programs:

  • CM™ (Cyclic Meditation)
  • PET™ (Pranic Energisation Technique)
  • MSRT™ (Mind Sound Resonance Technique)
  • MEMT™ (Mastering the Emotions Technique)
  • MIRT™ (Mind Imagery Technique)
  • VISAK™ (Vijnana Sadhana Kausala)
  • ANAMS™ (Anandamrita Sincana)
You may sign up for each of these certification courses individually. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be officially known as a VY[A]™ Instructor of that particular program along with all other VY Programs for which you are certified.


We welcome ALL yoga instructors who possess certification from S-VYASA and from other yoga institutions to sign up for our short-term courses. Please submit your relevant certificate(s) for our confirmation. Upon completion of our course(s) and registration as our Instructor Member, you will be known as VY[+]™ Instructor, VY[C]™ Instructor, VY[T]™ Instructor, VY[A]™ Instructor, or a combination of few or all of these titles, and your name will appear on our global website with programs which you are qualified to teach.

Are You Already a Yoga Instructor / Therapist and Considering Our Full Certification Course?

If you are already a certified yoga instructor or therapist, you can be FAST-TRACKED by signing up for our Conversion Course.
  • For those who have already obtained a yoga instructor certificate, you can sign up for our VY Instructor Conversion Course.
  • For those who have already obtained a yoga therapy certificate, you can sign up for our VY Therapy Conversion Course.
  • Upon graduation, you will be awarded with a certificate officially signed and issued by S-VYASA from our Bangalore Headquarters.

Before commencing to teach any of the Vivekananda Yoga Programs, the graduates must first sign up as our Instructor Members. For more information on our membership packages, please click here. We offer a wide range of programs for our instructors to teach. We also provide our instructors with a vertical career path by which they can gradually progress from being a VY Instructor to eventually becoming a VY Master Instructor. This can be achieved through continuing education with us and by accumulating hours of teaching experience.

To find out more about our course fee and membership fee, please drop us an email to express your interest at instructor@vivekanandayoga.com. Please clearly indicate the country where you will be teaching. We will send you all relevant information as soon as we have received your request.

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